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Peer Pressure and Social Proof

The relationship between Peer pressure and Social Proof, has many examples, from the number of Facebook ‘Likes’, Twitter and Google+ ‘Followers’,  YouTube ‘Views’ and ‘Likes’ to reviews and so on, on one end, and the popularity and reach of successful brands, on the other end. Shoppers are more likely to select a product or service […]

Social Proof – Make Your Way with the Crowds

The psychological effect crowds have on us is well known; not only do they not keep us away, they actually have the opposite effect of luring us into following them. Social proof skyrockets your brand But what’s even more fascinating is the consequences of this effect on online marketing. We know today that if you […]

Why Social Proof matters? Because it works!

Why Social Proof matters? Because it works! The terms Social Proof has been around for a long time in one form or another. I wanted to discuss it briefly in this blogpost in-connection with the daily challenge Marketers and Sales Reps face, when tasked with removing obstacles standing between their brand and future clients. What […]