Case Study Highlights: 67% Increase In Online Conversions

Benefits and Results

“Social media is certainly the key factor in the success of Krowdpop and we developed a tactic to drive local fans to work together to make their favorite music idol come to their hometown” says Richard Choo, Founder and CEO of KPOP United, the global K-pop fan company that runs Krowdpop. “SeatID provided a real push in helping us increase fans’ online engagement, and encouraging them to ‘buy and tell’. We have a real chain reaction with fans winning over fellow fans. This is the point where we must have a critical mass of interested people who will attend a concert in a specific region, and SeatID really makes a difference.”

Key Findings

  • 67% increase in online conversion rates.
  • 35% decrease in bounce rate.
  • 4% of the users opted-in for use of the service.

Key Facts

Company: KPOP United

Industry: Online Ticket Seller


Regional Target: USA

About Krowdpop

Krowdpop is the world’s first crowd-sourcing K-Pop portal that empowers users to produce enough interest in an entertainment group such that concert promoters will initiate concerts in particular locations. Krowdpop enables fans to transmit a clear message to entertainers – just where they are most appreciated and they thus woo their favorite acts into coming to their city. It is a real win-win game. Fans get to see their favorite acts and the entertainers are guaranteed full houses. Once KPOP United, the global K-pop company that runs Krowdpop, identifies enough interest for a specific performance, the company will launch a crowdfunding campaign for a concert to be produced in the event that it reaches the minimum funding goal.

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