How to create a customer community with Social WiFi?

Where I live, there are literally hundreds of restaurants and although I absolutely love food! And eating! I could never go to all of them. First off because I can hardly afford it, and secondly because I don’t usually want to. I have a short list of restaurants I come back to for every special occasion: birthdays, graduations, anniversaries…


The thing is, I don’t need to always try out new places because I know quite a few restaurants I like. And it’s not only that I know them so well, or that I see familiar faces there, or even that I already know the menu by heart. It’s the fact that I feel like they know me. They always treat me like I’m their most loyal customer, which I am. That’s why I always share their posts on facebook and comment on the good courses I’ve had; I feel like a member of their community.

At the hotel

Hotel Guets_Matthew Straubmuller

Turn your one-time-buyers into returning customers

If you’re a businessman (or businesswoman) you probably know very well that although reaching out to new leads and bringing new customers is very important, it’s even more challenging to turn your one-time-buyers into returning customers.

At the trade show 

Tradeshow_National Retail Federation  Tradeshow Conversation_National Retail Federation

Start building your business’s community online

Similarly, we know the importance of social engagement and the vital role it plays in our marketing strategies. But to really have a meaningful, result yielding presence within social networks, you need to create your own online community. A place of online gathering, where your customers and leads along with casual users, can all interact, making your brand a common place of social engagement. That’s the best way to making your one-time-buyers into returning customers; repeat business.

 Tradeshow_Interbike International Bicycle  Tradeshow Attandees_National Retail Federation

Leverage customer’s social profiles to build your business’s community at your place of business 

To establish a stable, active community, you need to start at the bottom; Building your business’s community begins with collecting your customers and guests Social Profiles when they login-in to your WiFi. The advantages you get by simply implementing Social WiFi into your business, are astounding:

  • Establishing customer loyalty
  • Getting your customers to become active members of your online community
  • Analyzing your customer’s preferences
  • Marketing your business with permission-based user information collected
  • Generating repeat business

And so much more…


Social WiFi is an essential tool to making that happen. It’s the first step to building a solid, functioning online community around your place of business, and it’s so simple and quick to adopt.


Social WiFi combines online social experience with on-location socializing. Or in other words- It’s the essence of social and business networking.

Come learn more about SeatID’s Technology and Social WiFi, We’d love to learn about your use-case and get your feedback.

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How does it Work?

When connecting to WiFi hotspots or access points, guests are often required to sign into a dedicated corporate web page. When SeatID’s Social WiFi is deployed, following sign-in, users are redirected to a web page that provides them with the option to opt-in with their social network profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, and see which of their friends and colleagues are in the area. Guests can also receive periodic email updates and notifications regarding additional people from their network who have just logged in.

Implementation is easy and takes only a few hours.

Images by: Rodrigo Soldon  Matthew Straubmuller   National Retail Federation   Interbike International Bicycle

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