The SeatID for Hotels application socializes the existing online hotel and holiday reservation process by offering potential guests detailed information about which of their friends have stayed at this particular hotel in the past, or which of their acquaintances might be lodging there during their planned stay.

Services Include:

Social Proof – Support online consumers’ selection process by showing them someone they know, or at least someone from their social circles, that has already made a purchase from your brand. Learn more…

Social WiFi – Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy a WiFi Social networking experience that allows them to immediately discover which of their friends, colleagues, and connections – from both social and professional circles – are in the area. Learn more…

Studies have shown that an average traveler uses up to 22 websites while planning a trip. Many users take advantage of the power of social networks and post questions on Facebook such as: “Can anyone recommend a good hotel in downtown Bangkok?” The user will then be able, at her leisure, to go through all the comments and accumulate information about the relevant hotels. SeatID brings such a social experience directly to a hotel’s website. When SeatID is deployed, visitors on a hotel’s website see familiar faces of friends or people with shared interest, and this can serve as a major driving factor in choosing this particular hotel. SeatID is an elegant way for people to get to know new and interesting individuals and it is Ideal for developing business contacts and networking.

SeatID is based upon a widget that takes just a few minutes to add to your website and is currently offered for FREE.

How Does it Work?

1.   SeatID is added to the hotel’s website as a widget. Visitors are captivated by the idea of encountering a social network profile right on the hotel’s homepage. They are presented with the option to log in to a preferred social network and find out just who these people are and what their interests are.

Studies have shown that people put their trust in information about socially similar customers and are definitely influenced by knowledge about who has booked at the hotel.

2.   Users log in, using their social network profiles. The social networks are trusted forums which offer extensive available information about previous and pending guests shown on the hotel’s home page.

SeatID currently supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. In the future additional social networks will be added.

3.   Social information is always visible while users are making their online booking. Visitors never lose sight of the fact that SeatID brings them immediate access to information about previous, present and pending guests.

The idea of social proximity during the reservation process is a new and winning concept.

4.   The same social information can also be utilized to promote other services offered on the hotel’s website such as spa treatments, day trips, packages, etc. SeatID shows visitors information about friends or colleagues who have already purchased such services, encouraging them to sign up for such programs and services.

Users are more likely to purchase a product if someone who they know or trust has already done so.

5.   Show Data from External Sources:

SeatID populates the social widget with data that is pulled from additional data sources. For example, the widget can display information about who was in the area of a hotel: users often check-in using Facebook or upload an image or status in the area of the hotel. These users can be seen in the social widget. The popup indicates that the user ‘Was in the area’.

This increases the chances of a familiar face being shown in the widget.

6.   SeatID allows users to control their privacy at three touch points:

  1. Users need to opt-in to the service in order to use it and be visible. SeatID does not integrate with the hotel’s back-end system and does not obtain the guest list from the hotel. This means that SeatID does not know that someone is staying at the hotel unless user specifically opts in.
  2. SeatID inherits and uses the privacy settings that were defined by the user on the social network. Users cannot see information that is not available to them, according to the social network preferences.
  3. The settings page allows users to control who will see them. This is defined per social network and based on social circles around the user.


SeatID allows hoteliers and online travel agents to monetize the unutilized social capital resource that exists in every hotel or holiday.


  • Increase revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Engage users on your website for longer

Hotel Guests

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Engage users on your website for longer

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Hoteliers, socialize your online booking experience

For Booking Engines and Hotel’s Website Builders

SeatID partners with the most innovative booking engines and hotel’s website builders to offer the social seating experience to their customers. This helps hotels and agencies to position themselves as innovators and leaders at the forefront of technology.

If you are an innovator, we’d be happy to work with you so that you can advance your business interests by offering SeatID to your customers. Contact us or send us an email to [email protected]