SeatID allows online ticket sellers to monetize unutilized social capital resource that exists in every venue. SeatID socializes existing online ticketing and booking processes allowing online ticket sellers to effortlessly increase revenues.

The SeatID for Online Ticket Sellers application enhances the existing online booking process for concert halls, theatres, cinemas, sporting venues, etc. by improving conversion. SeatID utilizes profile information from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to let users know which of their friends or acquaintances will be attending which concert, going to which game, etc. and where they will be sitting. This social proofing drives higher engagement and conversion.

SeatID helps online ticket sellers to increase revenue, improve overall customer satisfaction and use social media in an innovative way – putting them ahead of their competition.

Online Ticket Sellers:


Online Ticket Sellers

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attract more users to your website


  • Choose shows based on who is attending
  • Take control and select who you sit next to
  • Meet new and interesting people

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