The SeatID Travel application socializes the online airline ticket purchase process and allows airline passengers to choose a flight and a seatmate based on their social network profiles.

While helping to generate added revenue, improve overall customer satisfaction and reduce operation costs, SeatID enables airlines and travel websites to socialize the booking process, bringing to it something that has heretofore been lacking: the human dimension. The SeatID social seating innovation makes both the online purchase and check-in process socially rewarding and fun which in turn reinforces brand loyalty.

Airlines and Travel Websites:

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How Does it Work?

1.   SeatID is added into the airline or travel website’s website as widgets. Users are not leaving the website at any point and are requested to log in to a social network profile early in the process. When the user is searching for a flight and before the search results are displayed* he or she is presented with an option to log in to a preferred social network. SeatID currently supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. In the future additional social networks will be added.

*Customers can choose how to implement SeatID and this image is for illustrative purposes only.

2.   After the user has logged in, he continues to the next page, which displays the flight search results in the same way as would happen without SeatID. Now however, the search results page is “socialized”. It still displays all the usual information such as flight duration, departure and arrival time etc. however, now the user can also see who is on which flight, as well as in which class of service (business, economy, etc.).

By hovering over the avatar, the user can see the person’s social information, as well as where he or she is sitting and what social affinities they might share.

SeatID is an opt-in service, so it will only display the information of those who have chosen to use it.

3.   For airlines and travel websites that support online seating, SeatID can be added as an additional, transparent layer on top of their existing seatmap. SeatID can also be implemented for the online check-in process and add supplemental information to the seat selection process when the users check in online.

Users will select their seat exactly the same as they are doing today, but with SeatID more information is available to them when making their seat selection. As they hover over a given seat online, SeatID will display the information of the person who will be sitting there. Users can browse the entire seat map and make their seating choice accordingly.

SeatID empowers users to make better seating choices and turns the otherwise humdrum ticketing process into a fun, interesting and social experience.

4.   SeatID can also be used to promote supplemental products and services online such as travel insurance, frequent flier programs, hotels, car rentals and so on. SeatID can show the user which of his or her friends or colleagues have already purchased the service in the past, encouraging that user to buy the service as well. It’s a known fact that users are more likely to purchase a product if they see that someone that they know or trust has also purchased it in the past.

5.  SeatID allows users to control their privacy at three touch points:

  1. Users need to opt-in to the service in order to use it and be visible. SeatID does not integrate with the airline’s back-end system and does not obtain the passenger list from the airline. This means that SeatID does not know that someone is on the flight unless user specifically opts in.
  2. SeatID inherits and uses the privacy settings that were defined by the user on the social network. Users cannot see information that is not available to them, according to the social network preferences.
  3. The settings page allows users to control who will see them. This is defined per social network and based on social circles around the user.

SeatID does not require any integration with the airline or travel website’s back-end systems. Addition of SeatID to the website takes only a few hours and is essentially the same as adding widgets to the website.

SeatID is an opt-in system, so both passengers must use the tool before they can see each other and be able to make an assessment of their shared social profiles. The service is ideal for business purposes and networking, and it provides an elegant, savvy way to meet new and like-minded passengers.

SeatID for Travel demo movie:


Airlines and Travel Websites

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Attract more users to the website


  • Take control and choose your seatmate
  • An elegant way to know about and meet new interesting people. Ideal for business purposes and networking

For Airlines and Travel Websites

SeatID is partnering with the world’s most innovative airlines, travel websites and GDSs to upgrade the travel experience for millions of passengers by allowing them to take control and choose who they sit next to. While improving overall customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs, SeatID taps the hidden power of social media to take travelers to the next level – before they even take off!

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