SeatID Press Release – The First Hotel Booking System to Enable Social Booking

Pioneer Pelican Solutions Hotel Booking System Takes the Initiative to Enable SeatID Social Booking for all its Hotels

Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, CA, November 12, 2013, SeatID and Pelican Hotel Solutions today announced that Pelican Solutions has become the first hotel booking system to widely enable social booking capabilities for its hundreds of customers. The service encourages potential guests to login with their social network profile and obtain information about which of their friends have stayed at a particular hotel in the past. This social proofing drives higher engagement and conversion online.

SeatID functionality is added to a hotel’s website and to the booking pages, as a widget. Visitors are presented with the option to log into a preferred social network (Facebook or LinkedIn), and, after opting in, they are presented with a list of their friends and acquaintances who have stayed at this specific hotel in the past or have even been in the area. Social information is always visible while users are making their online booking. Visitors never lose sight of the fact that SeatID brings them immediate access to information about previous guests.

“Studies have shown that people put their trust in information about socially similar customers and are definitely influenced by knowledge about who has booked at a particular hotel” says Eran Savir, CEO and Co-Founder of SeatID. “By providing consumers with “social proof” (i.e. my friends have stayed at this hotel, or they like this hotel, or they are planning to stay at this hotel) SeatID helps hoteliers drive higher conversion online” says Savir.

As a non-intrusive, opt-in service, SeatID only becomes effective when users choose to use it. If they don’t activate the service, they just go though the usual booking process and they will not be visible to any of the other users. However if users do choose to use SeatID, they will have the option to define who will see them – a simple process involving a few mouse clicks.

“We are excited to be the first hotel booking system in the world to offer such an innovative solution to all our hotels” says Hartono Liman, CEO of Pelican Hotel Solutions. “Social booking is one of the latest and most innovative trends in online booking and Pelican Hotel Solutions strives to be in the forefront of innovation for the benefit of our hotel partners” stated Liman.

Some Examples of Hotels that use SeatID:

  1. Wharney Guang Dong Hotel Hong Kong ( Hong Kong ) –
  2. Melati Resort ( Thailand ) —
  3. Horizon Karon Beach Resort & Spa ( Thailand ) –
  4. Karon Phunaka Resort & Spa ( Thailand ) –
  5. Phi Phi Natural Resort ( Thailand ) –
  6. Novus Puncak Resort & Spa ( Indonesia ) –
  7. Chaophya Park Hotel ( Thailand ) –

About SeatID

SeatID is an award winning social seating and booking platform that adds social widgets to ticketing and booking websites and apps allowing users to login with their social network profile to see which of their friends are on which flight, staying at which hotel, attending which concert, etc. Such social proofing drives higher engagement and conversion.  Learn more about SeatID at

About Pelican Hotel Solutions

Pelican Hotel Solutions is an Internet-focused technology and services company providing reservation systems, distribution connectivity and comprehensive e-commerce solutions for the hospitality industry.

From its establishment in the year 2000 as a hotel-booking engine provider, Pelican has evolved into a complete e-commerce solutions provider focused on meeting the unique and varied requirements of the international hospitality and related industries.

Pelican Hotel Solutions is an American Registered Company headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico and Europe. Learn more about Pelican Hotel Solutions at

Press Contact:

SeatID: [email protected] | +1 (650) 898-0242

Pelican Hotel Solutions: [email protected] | +1 (424) 288-6325

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