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Social Login

Increase registration rates

Access to first party user data

Customer Profile Database

Updated Prospect Info

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Social Proof

Build Consumer Confidence

Eliminate Risk

Improve User Experience

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Social Seating and Booking

Show prospects who else purchased

Increase engagement

No back-end integration

Easy installation

Online Ticket Sellers

bring the power of social media influence to the exact place where buying decisions are being made

Some of Our Customers

Social Media Solutions to Grow Your Business

Social Login

User registration and login made simple

Social Login makes it easy for users to register and login to your website using a social network profile they already have and provides you with permission-based access to rich, first-party user data. Learn more…

Social Proof

Drive Consumer Confidence

Support online consumers’ selection process by showing them someone they know, or at least someone from their social circles, that has already made a purchase from your brand. Learn more…

Social Seating and Booking

Add a social experience to the order process

Social Seating and Booking adds social widgets to ticketing and booking websites and apps allowing users to login with their social network profile to see which of their friends are on which flights, staying at which hotels, attending which concerts, etc. Such social experience drives higher engagement and conversion and offers unparalleled customer insights for businesses. Learn more…

Social WiFi

Enhance Your Guest’s Experience and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Guests staying at a hotel, attending a conference, dining in a restaurant or waiting for a flight can enjoy a WiFi Social networking experience that allows them to immediately discover which of their friends, colleagues, and connections – from both social and professional circles – are in the area. This affords a very powerful tool for both business development and networking. Learn more…

SeatID is a SaaS suite of Social Media Solutions developed to grow your business. Through the implementation of Social Login, Social Proof, Social Seating and Booking and Social WiFi, you can bring the power of social media influence to the exact place where buying decisions are being made, substantially improving consumer confidence, conversions and sales.


Richard Choo

“SeatID provided a real push in helping us increase fans’ online engagement, and encouraging them to buy and tell”

Richard ChooFound and CEO, KPOP United
Moaz Inon

“SeatID’s ability to allow guests to see who have stayed with us before is an added selling point and incentive for people to book direct through our website”


Moaz InonFounder & CEO, Abraham Hostels
Raja Natesan

“The level of online conversion improvement SeatID provided has been off the charts”

Raja NatesanPresident & CEO,

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