Highlights: 67% Increase In Online Conversions

“Social media is certainly the key factor in the success of Krowdpop and we developed a tactic to drive local fans to work together to make their favorite music idol come to their hometown” says Richard Choo, Founder and CEO of KPOP United, the global K-pop fan company that runs Krowdpop. “SeatID provided a real push in helping us increase fans’ online engagement, and encouraging them to ‘buy and tell’. We have a real chain reaction with fans winning over fellow fans. This is the point where we must have a critical mass of interested people who will attend a concert in a specific region, and SeatID really makes a difference.” Read more>>

Highlights: 49% Increase In Online Conversions

“The level of online conversion improvement SeatID provided has been off the charts” says Mr. Raja Natesan, President & CEO of 24x7booking.com. “We are experiencing an incredible growth in all parameters and are happy to see that the service is well accepted by our users in all age groups. We are excited to be considered as a regional leader in innovation and in usage of cutting edge technologies such as SeatID”. Read more>>

Highlights: 20% Increase in Online Conversion

“The ability to meet fellow travelers and locals is a key element of any successful hostel” Says Maoz Inon the founder and CEO of Abraham Hostels. “SeatID’s ability to allow guests to connect with Facebook and see friends or friends of friends who have stayed with us before, or will be staying at the same time as them, is not only an added selling point and incentive for people to book direct through our website, but also an extension of our social philosophy onto our website, and therefore a great fit with our vision” says Inon. Read more>>

Highlights: Substantial Increase in Sales of Tickets Online

“The numbers show an amazing uptake by AeroSvit’s online users. 10% of the users who searched for flights chose to use the social seating service” says Larisa Kravchyk, Head of E-commerce Department at AeroSvit. “We see an even spread between men and woman and users of all ages chose to use the service: most users are between 18 and 54 years old but we were also happy to see older and younger people opting in to use the service as well”. Read more>>